Aerodrom Maribor Letališka cesta 10, 2312 Orehova vas

Technical data

Technical data

Technical data

Date of establishment: 29th of May 1976
Opening hours: Summer time from 08:30 to 20:00 hours                                             

Winter time from 09:00 to 18:00 hours         


All times are local.
Position: International Airport Maribor is located in the northeast (NE) of Slovenia in community Hoče – Slivnica and is located between the cities of Maribor, Ptuj and the Slovenska Bistrica. City Maribor is 9 kilometer away from the Airport Maribor.
Access: Access to / from the highway A1 ( E57) exit "ROGOZA" or higway A4 exit ''Letališče/Airport''
Airport reference point: 46 28 48 N 015 41 10 E (WGS'84 coordinates)

Runway / Asphalt

Orientation Trek: 32/14
Cover: Asphalt
Capacity: PCN 86/F/A/X/T
Length: 2500m
Width: 45m
Direction 32:  
Magnetic bearing: 323°
Prava smer: 326,12°
Threshold elevation: 261.0m
Nagib steze: +2,025‰
Direction 14:  
Magnetic bearing: 143°
Prava smer: 146,10°
Threshold elevation: 266.8m
Nagib steze: -2,025‰

Operating minimum

Approach and Landing 32 (ILS) CAT I
Taking off in low visibility conditions:
Direction 32: RVR not less than 550 m


Instrumental landing system

ILS ground equipment provides the aircraft using radio signals. Pilot is taking control of an approach angle and approach direction (line of descent) to the runway in low visibility conditions and locates the position of the aircraft along the approach path.

ILS ground equipment:

  • NDB-MR - procedures start at 3120 ft. height, the distance from threshold of runway 7.2NM 32
  • OM - outer marker at a distance from the threshold of runway 3.1NM 32
  • L/MM - middle marker at a distance from the threshold of runway 0.5NM 32
  • LLZ - localizer - transmitting direction of the landing aircraft
  • GP - glide path - the angle of climb of the airplane transmitter Light-navigation equipment Light-navigation system to operate the airport in low visibility CAT I. PAPI 32 left, PAPI 14 right.

Aircraft Taxiway

Tag Width Cover Capacity
A 20,0 m asphalt PCN: 86 FAXT
B 30,0 m asphalt PCN: 86 FAXT
C 12,5 m asphalt PCN: 86 FAXT


Capacity: PCN: 86 FAXT
Length: 460,5m
Width: 111m do 125,8m
Surface: asfalt
Surface: thin coating PETROGRIP
Aircraft parking spaces: The main platform has 5 universal parking spaces for independent parking of aircraft; places from PSN1 to PSN4 are provided for the parking of aircraft, size
On the apron at the universal parking space PSN2 and PSN1 are planned and marked parking spaces PSN B1-B5 for the parking of aircraft with a maximum wingspan of 20 m.
Parking spaces for general aviation aircraft: In front of the universal parking space PSN1 and PSN2 at apron parking space is provided parking for the general category of aircraft with a wingspan of up to 15 m GA-1. There is also provided parking space for the general category of aircraft with a wingspan of up to 15 m in front of the universal parking space PSN5 GA-2.

Refueling aircraft

100LL: vehicle capacity of 13,000 litters

vehicle capacity of 15,000 litters,

vehicle capacity of 10,000 litters,

reservoir capacity of 50.000 litres           

Special aerodrome equipment

Vehicles used for clearing snow and other impurities with maneuvering areas, vehicles for de-icing and aircraft protection against freezing, loading-unloading ramps for cargo goods, other means for supply of aircraft.


Total storage area: 4.100m2


  • 580 parking spaces for cars
  • 10 parking spaces for buses