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Information for pilots

Information for pilots

Information for pilots

All flights into, from or over the territory of the Republic of Slovenia shall be carried out in accordance with air navigation law and regulations of the legal system of the Republic of Slovenia.

Private and other international general aviation flights

Entry, transit and departure of aircraft:

  • Aircrafts under 12 tons (MTOW), do not need permission for landing or departing from our airport. However the flight plan should be submitted to ATS of Slovenia at least one hour prior to the flight or at least two hours prior to entering Slovenian airspace.
  • Aircrafts exceeding 12 tons (MTOW), have to apply for permission submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning.
    The application shall comprise the following data:
    • operator's name and address,
    • aircraft registration and type of aircraft,
    • departure and destination airport, ETD and ETA,
    • dates of flights and estimated time over exit/entry points,
    • certificate of insurance against third parties,

Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning reserves the right to demand additional documentation.


Nothing in the above mentioned procedures will be applied necessarily to flights in following categories:

  • aircraft in emergency condition;
  • urgent medical flights;
  • humanitarian flights;
  • search and rescue flights;

The above mentioned flights will be accepted subject to prior notification by submission of flight plan. Also notice that all transit flights and technical landings do not need special permission for landing.

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