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Hand baggage

To ensure your safety and comfort during the flight, we advise you to follow airlines instructions and rules with regard to hand baggage allowance. At check in counters you can check weight, measures and suitability of your hand baggage.
Luggage at the airport should not be left unattended; it is likely to be removed by security staff for security reasons.

Besides hand baggage you can also take to the cabin:

  • coat or blanket,
  • umbrella or walking stick,
  • handbag,
  • camera or binoculars,
  • appropriate amount of books, newspapers and magazines.

Traveling with infant:

  • You can take bassinet, foldable pushchair or prams and baby food that will be used during the flight.

Liquids in hand baggage

In your hand baggage you are allowed to take only small quantities of liquids. Liquids must be packed individually with a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters each. Amounts of liquids should not exceed one liter capacity per passenger. Liquids have to be packed in transparent and re-sealable plastic bags. You can get them at check in counter.

Liquids include:

  • water and other drinks, soups, syrups,
  • creams, lotions and oils,
  • perfumes, aerosols,
  • gels, hair and shower gel,
  • containers under pressure, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants,
  • and other similar substances.

Dangerous and sharp items in hand baggage

Hand baggage should not contain dangerous and sharp items that are allowed to be transported only as hold baggage. Items will be removed at security control.

Hold baggage

At check in counter baggage is weighted and labeled. Baggage receipt is given for each piece of hold baggage and is served as proof that baggage was checked in in case baggage is lost.

Each piece of baggage:

  • has to be clearly labeled with passengers name and address,
  • old tags and barcodes have to be removed,
  • weight of each piece of baggage should not exceed airlines restriction (32 kg). Exceptions are larger music instruments, special and sports equipment,
  • personal documents should not be packed in hold baggage.

Free baggage allowance depends on your airline. Passengers will be charged accordingly for excess baggage. For charter flights contact your travel agent.

Special luggage

Special luggage must be declared when booking a plane ticket. Some carriers charge extra for oversized luggage.

Special items are:

  • sports equipment (golf bag, bicycle, surf, kayak, skis, diving equipment …),
  • weapons (sports, hunting),
  • medical equipment (wheelchair, oxygen tanks,…),
  • musical instruments.

Animal transportation

Airlines will carry animals if advanced arrangements have been made. At check in all relevant documents should be provided. (animal passport, certificate of vaccinations, and ID microchip).

For additional information please check government web sites or the consulates of the individual country, or read the appropriate rules and regulations (2004/595/ES and 2004/824/ES).

Small pets such as dogs, cats or birds, weighing up to 5 kg can be carried in the cabin. They should be placed in an appropriate cage or basket with a leak-proof bottom.

Larger animals – most airlines will accept animals as accompanied baggage providing they are in a suitable container. They will travel in the baggage compartment where a suitable environment can be maintained.

Usually special rates apply for the transportation of animals.

Lost and Found baggage

If the baggage you checked-in did not arrive with you or was damaged, please notify your airliner. For assistance and help you can also contact our team at the Lost and Found.

Lost and Found:

T: +386 (2) 629 17 90